Just one thing left

We are so close to being finished with our Christmas Shopping (Yeah!!), myself, WH (wonderful husband) and my sister made a trip down to the big city this morning after church to shop at a few places that we don’t have at home. We got two of the last three people crossed off, just got my sister to go (hard to shop for her when she was with us pretty much all day!).

Now that I am coming to the end of our Christmas shopping (yeah again!) and our tree is up and twinkling my mind is turning towards how to wrap & decorate each of our gifts. Usually I have already made this decision & wrap presents as they come into the house, popping them under the tree. But for some reason I appear to have forgotten to actually think about the wrapping entirely.

Thanks to Pinterest (yep I am a convert & probably slightly obsessed) I have been able to gather a few ideas.
























Looking at alot of the ideas I have been pinning I think I am feeling kraft paper with a hand printed or painted design. With maybe one of those too cute for words feather gift tags, they would go so well with the little owls I have made to adore each gift. I love the buzz when I start feeling inspired, can’t wait to begin creating!

How are you wrapping your presents? Do you go the handmade DIY route or are you buying cute store bought paper?


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