Christmas wrapping

Well it has taken me a week but I have finished wrapping all of the Christmas gifts & they look wonderful all tucked under the Christmas tree.


Side note: WH had his birthday at the beginning of the week his sister gave him this Dalek (Dr. Who character, best to Google then me trying to explain) Christmas decoration.

I decided to go with kraft paper (found one that is made from 70% recycled paper) & stamped pattern using a Christmas themed clear stamp set (which I think is from Kaiser craft, but I have had them so long I can’t quite remember). I used a stamping up ink set I have had forever (well since 2007 type forever), I love the colours they are kinda earthy but still have some bright punch.


I am so happy with how all the presents turned out in the end, I especially like how the present for my WH turned out. Green is my favourite colour & this particular stamp looks amazing in person.

Each present is finished off rather simply with cotton string & a shipping tag that I stamped to co-ordinate with each present. They are all simple, colourful & I think alittle wonderful.

How have you wrapped & decorated your Christmas gifts this year? Did you go down the handmade wrapping route?


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