My last week of life…..

As a 28 year old. This time next week I will be 29. I don’t feel 29, but what exactly is 29 suppose to feel like? I was at a birthday party for a member of our youth group a few weeks ago, it was an 18th birthday party. Other than the birthday persons family I was the oldest invited guest. It was strange sitting at the end of the table listening to the conversation of all the 18 year olds, it was all how hard their jobs were (they all were working in supermarkets or fast food places) & what apps were cool on the iPhones. I turned to a few people who I was sitting with & said ‘I actual feel 10 years older than everyone here’. They looked at me & said ‘how old are you?’ I said ‘28 almost 29’. All the mouths dropped to the floor. No one seemed to believe that I was 28 or even that I was about to turn 29.

I guess that is a good thing that I don’t look 28……though I would like to look my age not older.

One of the bloggers I regularly read Martha Dansie wrote this fantastic post about being 30. Now I’m still a year away from the big 3-0 but I totally agreed with alot of the things she said that ‘Now I am 30…..’. Go check out here list!

I don’t know yet how I feel about turning 30 next year, lets see how I do next week with 29.


More from our new Zealand album

I got to complete a couple more pages from our New Zealand holiday album. Like the last lot of pages these aren’t in the order that they appear in the actual album. I don’t know why things have worked out this way, but that’s ok. Once I have completed all the pages I will do a post with them all in their proper order.



This is a layout from the morning we spent in Dunedin before we drove to Queenstown. There is a mix of brands in the products used, the back ground paper is the same as I used on my ‘Horse-riding in Hamner Springs’ layout, Large Icons from Junkitz. The tag with the title is again from the Pack your bags collection by Kaiser Craft. The tab onto of the lower right photo & the red & white text strip are again from Teresa Collins World Traveller sticker sheet. The little quote probably comes from Kaiser craft but I am not sure. My favourite element is the little pointing finger, it’s actually a bookmark that I picked up at some bookshelf somewhere, I have a bunch of them I love them. And love that I have been able to use it on a layout.


Under the two photos in the lower right hand side of the layout I put the journaling. I seem to like doing hidden journaling, particularly when the page doesn’t really have room visually fro journaling. Every element is from Kaiser craft. I think I might have a thing for Kaiser craft……lol!


Hamner Springs Hot Springs

This is such a sweet layout of me, we went to New Zealand with my little sister & this was the  one this during the whole holiday that my sister wasn’t with us. Just time for me & WH (wonderful husband). The background  of this layout is made of three pieces of Kaiser craft papers. The three ticket elements is also Kaiser craft the bubbles are a rubon from…..yep Kaiser craft. All the title stickers & chipboard I have had forever so can’t remember where they came from.

I can’t wait to show you more layouts, once I’m done with them!

New Zealand album

I have finally managed to get a few pages finished in the album for on trip to New Zealand last August. Can’t believe it has taken me this long to even start!


I love using 8×8 albums for doing travel albums, I like the size & I don’t get overwhelmed. Unfortunately I have been having trouble finding paper that is 8×8 in size, I think that 6×6 must be in this year cause I can find it everywhere! Anyway I love these albums with the window, a place to put the place that the album is about.


Title Page

This is my favourite page & the first one I completed. The background is paper from the Pack you bags collection from Kaiser Craft. The tag is from Wild Saffron by K & Company. The stamped circle is a stamp from Stampin up (it is just the outline of the stamp that I inked with a cotton bud). The little tab is a sticker from Teresa Collins. I soooo love this layout!

Now I am going to say from this point non of these pages are in order. I don’t know why but I started doing random points in our trip. I have been really drawn to using large one page photos throughout this album, I particularly like the outline & the words written in the corner.


Dunedin – Queenstown

When I originally completed this layout I didn’t like it. Infact I didn’t like it so much that I was going to redo the whole thing, but I left it alone from awhile. When I came back to it I found that I didn’t mind it & descided to keep it. The paper with the circles on it is also from the Pack your bags line from Kaiser Craft but the rest of the elements are things I have had around for ages so don’t know where they are from (sorry).


Horse-riding in Hamner Springs

This layout turned out surprisingly well, it wasn’t looking so promising when I was doing it. The spotted paper & elements at the bottom (except the ‘smile’ circle) are from the pack your bags collection by Kaiser Craft. The ‘smile’ circle is another stamp from Stampin Up. The journaling tag is from the happy trails collection from K & Company and the paper ribbon in the top corner is a free download that I didn’t keep the source of (another thing I’ve had for ages!)


I had totally forgotten about journaling then I really wasn’t going to bother. But after I put the page in the album next to the full page photos I felt that more information was needed. SO I grabbed a tag (love having a stash of tags within easy reach) & wrote about the experience of horse-riding through the snow (amazing by the way!).

Well, that’s it the first few layouts. I will be back with more layouts, hopefully sooner rather than later!

Little Sis’s birthday treat

If you don’t live in Australia at the moment then you might be aware that where I live in Australia we are experiencing so seriously wet weather. It is very similar to what was experienced last summer when flooding took peoples lives & destroyed hundreds of houses. Thankfully the weather people are saying that we are going to be seeing an easing of this heavy rain which will hopefully mean that flooding will go down.

Waking up today to yet another wet and cool day made we want to do a couple of things, first was curl up on the daybed in our music room (so cosy in there) & read the bible and the second was have a hot breakfast & that is just what I did.

I made myself waffles & blueberry maple syrup. Yummy!

2012-01-25 09.44.29

Anyway none of this has anything to do with the title of this post. So better get back on track!

Last week my little sister turned 27, so over the weekend myself & WH took her to Ikea for a birthday treat (we also gave her some money to spend as a birthday present). We live a couple of hours away from our closest Ikea so going is a whole day event. We also popped into DFO (direct factory outlet) on the way home!

Last year my sisters room had a small flooding problem so she has needed to redecorate. So a trip to Ikea to get some new furniture was defiantly called for. My sister got a couple of Billy bookcases & a Rast chest of drawers (which she is going to use as a bedside table).

BILLY Bookcase, medium brown Width: 40 cm Depth: 28 cm Height: 106 cm Max. load/shelf: 15 kg


RAST Chest of 3 drawers, pine Width: 62 cm Depth: 30 cm Depth of drawer: 26 cm Height: 70 cm



I can’t go to Ikea without bring home some stuff home for our house. We need some extra lighting in our home, our bedside lights had seen better days (mine looked like it was going to burst into flames whenever you turn it on) & out kitchen is so dark that WH (wonderful husband) wanted some under cabinet lighting.

We went with LED lighting, love LED lighting it lasts for ages without needing the change the bulb & there is generally no heat emitted.

2012-01-24 14.43.30

Here is our under cabinet lighting, ignore the cables we have to get some cable clips so tape is doing the job for now. The lighting is Dioder

DIODER 4-piece lighting strip set, white Length: 25 cm


My favourite is our new bedside lights. I couldn’t find any lamps that I like so I found these Jansjo clamp spotlights.

JANSJÖ Clamp spotlight, black Height: 40 cm Cord length: 350 cm


Alittle unconvential but they really work well, I attached them to our bedhead. Having the lights off the bedside tables makes things look much less cluttered (love that!!).

2012-01-24 14.44.30

These lights give great light & are very non extrusive (sorry about the bad lighting, re weather I spoke about at the top of this post makes it really dark around here). Love, love, love.

We also saw alot of stuff at Ikea that we are putting on our want to buy list. So I’m thinking that there will be another trip to Ikea in a few months.

Have you been to Ikea lately? What did you bring home?

Gallery Wall

Our house has quite a few big blank walls, our house is shaped like a rectangle with windows only on the long walls. Meaning lots of big blank walls. There has been one wall in our house that has confounded me for the longest time & it is unfortunately the wall that I spend alot of time looking at!


It’s the wall behind the TV unit. Since moving our lounge room around 3-4 years ago I have been sitting on the couch just looking at this blank wall. I have had no idea what I wanted to do here. The only time of the year when this wall doesn’t bother me is Christmas time because the whole house is covered in tinsel & other seasonal decorations. There are a couple of main reasons I think why I have struggled doing something with this wall.

Main problems

1. This hook is used at Christmas (any so far only Christmas) to hang our Christmas card embroidery hoop wreath. But for the other 11months of the year it has nothing on it & just sits there (I had starting to do things with the wall by hanging the tile, but that was all I had accomplished).

2. Our clock, we have had it since we got married (it was a wedding gift). It doesn’t sit in the middle of the blank wall or even in the middle of the TV unit below, which is quite annoying visually when you are sitting on the couch facing the  wall. But I was the one who put it there because you can see it from the couch & from the kitchen. So it will stay there.

3. We are renters so no painting, wall paper or any changes that  can’t be reversed.

I love gallery walls. I have collected a few images of gallery walls on my Home Inspiration board on pinterest. I have had in the back of my mind that a gallery wall would look good on this wall, but just hadn’t had the drive (or better word being courage) to actually do something about it.

As I said in my last post in January I seem to get the drive to do things, so on a particularly hot day I just dove right in.

Step 1

The steps for creating a gallery wall are pretty simple & a quick Google search can give you all the tips that you could need. Firstly I gathered a whole bunch of things that I wanted to create & laid them on the floor. I used the foot stool as a guide for where the TV unit is. Once I was happy with how things looked I started to hang the frames & other things on the wall.

As I mentioned before we are renters so we can’t put holes in our walls so I like to use 3M’s command picture hanging strips.

Step 2

Once I all the hanging strips up I had to wait about an hour before I could permanently hang any frame.

Ran out of picture velcro

I ran out of hanging strips! I’ll get some more when we get paid next (in a couple of days), so in the meantime I left paper where all the extra frames & elements will go.

Almost done

So here is my finished (almost) gallery wall. I am more than happy with how it is looking, it fills the wall & makes the location of our clock not look so visually off. Yeah!

Since completing this part of the gallery wall project I have added an extra piece of art work.

Art update

Here is a closer look

Art close up

I got inspired by pinterest yet again.


I Left My Mark In State Art 8.5x11 (fits an 8x10 opening)


State Love Art State Love Art with Scrapbook Paper



I though this was such a cool idea & that I could easily make something similar myself. I found a silhouette image of Australia & used it as a clipping mask in Photoshop. Added some red chevron digital scrapbooking paper. It was a simple piece of art to create & I love it!

I will show pictures when I have gotten more picture hanging strips & have gotten everything up.

Getting things done

I have been busy.

There is something about January that gives me the drive to just get things done. For me January is the best time of the year to declutter, clean, sort & change things around the house.

So far in January I have cleaned out the fridge & completely dusted the whole house. Dusting too almost a whole day, but that was because I went through all of my scrapbooks. I should do that more often, really enjoyed looking back at memories.

Anyway another one of my projects that I wanted to tackle was our bedroom cupboard, it is small, lacks organisation & drives me somewhat crazy on a daily basis. But I am thankful for it, as it is the only built in storage in the whole house (not counting the kitchen cupboards & the bathroom vanity). Things inside the cupboard get out of hand very quickly & I have a tendency to just close the door when things getting bad.

Here is what things looked like before


It has looked better & it most certainly has looked much worse. The main problems have always been the fact that this is not only where I store all my dresses, coats & other clothes that need to be hung instead of folded, but this is where all my WH (wonderful husbands) clothes are stored (except underwear & sleepwear).

Main problem

This has been our current system for most of last year, it has never really worked. WH can’t get at his shirts at the back of the basket & all our outside work clothes are just lumped together in the corner.

Instead of taking everything out & starting again I decided upon switching a few things around & try to make better use of the space. In doing this I did discover that I need to get another wire basket & a couple of extra clothes boxes (to store seasonal accessories, hats, scarfs, etc). But that will have to wait for money.


I am pretty happy with the switching around, with the addition of an extra wire basket & a couple of clothes boxes I think things will look even better. I moved the shoes to the top of the cupboard & used an old computer tower covered with a sheet to keep the wire baskets (which stack) off the ground. I also moved the hanging pants organiser from the middle of the hanging bar to the far left side, because the stacked wire baskets would fit better under the organiser then my WH’s long pants.

Things are defiantly not perfect, but I think that WH is going to get much better access to his clothes.



Did you notice the latest edition to my bedside table?

Notice something

In 2012 I wanted to add some non-photo art to our home & for it to still be meaningful. With that in mind I decided that I wanted a reminder of why I choose the word ‘service’ as my One Little Word for 2012.

Matthew 20 vs 28

I chose the verse Matthew 20:28

just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many

Matthew 20:28

I used a bright green frame (cause I liked it) & I made the artwork in Photoshop with a simply patterned digital scrapbook paper & an old typewriter font that I love so much.

This is not the only thing I have been working on, I’ll be back soon with another project I have been working on around the house as well as another non-photo artwork I am in the planning stages of.

First week 2012

Well the first week of 2012 is coming to an end, strangely enough I don’t think that it was really any different from any given week last year. Other than trying to remember to write/type 2012 not 2011, think that I really only got use to 2011 as apposed to 2010.

To celebrate the new year I decided to decorate the shelf on top of our TV unit, I made myself some new year bunting & added some sparkle with a Christmas gift I received.

New Years mantle

I am quite happy with my little bit of new year decorating, except for the bunting everything came from around the house stuff I already owned (or was given for Christmas).

New Years mantle2

Really happy with my ‘Happy New Year’ bunting, alittle Photoshop & a Christmas themed digital scrapbooking paper. It was abit of fun to put together as well, just hung with simple cotton twine (love that stuff! Used it to decorate the Christmas gifts this last year).

New Years mantle3

See my sparkly Christmas gift? The 3 votive candle holders (came with a pretty tray & decorative stones) don’t have candles in them (don’t have any) but I like their sparkle.

Australia day is coming soon, so I might change things up. I defiantly think it’s time to take down the new years bunting.

Did you decorate in celebration of the new year?