2012 One little word

Happy 2012! Today is the beginning of a new year with a whole 12 months of new opportunities. How was you celebrations? Did you celebrate at all? Or were you like us who had a quite evening at home & when to bed at a rather reasonable time? Though we did end of seeing the new year in when WH’s bed side clock’s alarm went off at midnight. We don’t know who set it to do that but I do have a slight memory of the same thing happening last New Years.

Today we had a wonderful morning at church, our niece, nephew & their parents came to our church it was nice to have more family at church, then we had lunch at the beach with a group of friends. Such a relaxing & enjoyable way to spend the first day of 2012.

I don’t set resolutions, it’s hard for me to know what is actually achievable in a year. 12 months is a long time but it flies by so quickly at the same time. So instead I follow along with one of my favourite bloggers & scrapbookers Ali Edwards who every year chooses One Little Word.

A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow. – Ali Edwards

Click here to learn more about what exactly is One Little Word & here to see what Ali Edwards has chosen as her One Little Word for 2012.

The last few years my One Little Word has been about helping myself to rebuild who I am & gaining confidence in myself after working in a particularly toxic working environment a couple of years ago & ending up being fired. I try to pray before picking a word because this One Little Word journey for me isn’t all about me it is about wanting God to mould & shape me the way he wants me to be.

Click here to read about my 2011 One Little Word ‘Courage’. I think I achieved what I wanted to achieve by choosing this word for 2011, I stood up & did things I would normally shy away from, I spoke up more & in a few cases dived right in.

For 2012 I have decided to instead of looking to improve myself on the inside I would go outside myself. So this year I have chosen the One Little Word ‘Service’.

New Year 2012 Service

In other words enough about me, I have come through a really dark period, built myself up, it is time to put others first and do as Christ did while he was here on the earth serve.

I have no idea where things will go this year or what kind of opportunities will come my way, looking ahead right now is like looking at a blank piece of paper in a brand new book.

Do you do a One Little Word every year? If so what word have you chosen for this year?


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