First week 2012

Well the first week of 2012 is coming to an end, strangely enough I don’t think that it was really any different from any given week last year. Other than trying to remember to write/type 2012 not 2011, think that I really only got use to 2011 as apposed to 2010.

To celebrate the new year I decided to decorate the shelf on top of our TV unit, I made myself some new year bunting & added some sparkle with a Christmas gift I received.

New Years mantle

I am quite happy with my little bit of new year decorating, except for the bunting everything came from around the house stuff I already owned (or was given for Christmas).

New Years mantle2

Really happy with my ‘Happy New Year’ bunting, alittle Photoshop & a Christmas themed digital scrapbooking paper. It was abit of fun to put together as well, just hung with simple cotton twine (love that stuff! Used it to decorate the Christmas gifts this last year).

New Years mantle3

See my sparkly Christmas gift? The 3 votive candle holders (came with a pretty tray & decorative stones) don’t have candles in them (don’t have any) but I like their sparkle.

Australia day is coming soon, so I might change things up. I defiantly think it’s time to take down the new years bunting.

Did you decorate in celebration of the new year?


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