Getting things done

I have been busy.

There is something about January that gives me the drive to just get things done. For me January is the best time of the year to declutter, clean, sort & change things around the house.

So far in January I have cleaned out the fridge & completely dusted the whole house. Dusting too almost a whole day, but that was because I went through all of my scrapbooks. I should do that more often, really enjoyed looking back at memories.

Anyway another one of my projects that I wanted to tackle was our bedroom cupboard, it is small, lacks organisation & drives me somewhat crazy on a daily basis. But I am thankful for it, as it is the only built in storage in the whole house (not counting the kitchen cupboards & the bathroom vanity). Things inside the cupboard get out of hand very quickly & I have a tendency to just close the door when things getting bad.

Here is what things looked like before


It has looked better & it most certainly has looked much worse. The main problems have always been the fact that this is not only where I store all my dresses, coats & other clothes that need to be hung instead of folded, but this is where all my WH (wonderful husbands) clothes are stored (except underwear & sleepwear).

Main problem

This has been our current system for most of last year, it has never really worked. WH can’t get at his shirts at the back of the basket & all our outside work clothes are just lumped together in the corner.

Instead of taking everything out & starting again I decided upon switching a few things around & try to make better use of the space. In doing this I did discover that I need to get another wire basket & a couple of extra clothes boxes (to store seasonal accessories, hats, scarfs, etc). But that will have to wait for money.


I am pretty happy with the switching around, with the addition of an extra wire basket & a couple of clothes boxes I think things will look even better. I moved the shoes to the top of the cupboard & used an old computer tower covered with a sheet to keep the wire baskets (which stack) off the ground. I also moved the hanging pants organiser from the middle of the hanging bar to the far left side, because the stacked wire baskets would fit better under the organiser then my WH’s long pants.

Things are defiantly not perfect, but I think that WH is going to get much better access to his clothes.



Did you notice the latest edition to my bedside table?

Notice something

In 2012 I wanted to add some non-photo art to our home & for it to still be meaningful. With that in mind I decided that I wanted a reminder of why I choose the word ‘service’ as my One Little Word for 2012.

Matthew 20 vs 28

I chose the verse Matthew 20:28

just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many

Matthew 20:28

I used a bright green frame (cause I liked it) & I made the artwork in Photoshop with a simply patterned digital scrapbook paper & an old typewriter font that I love so much.

This is not the only thing I have been working on, I’ll be back soon with another project I have been working on around the house as well as another non-photo artwork I am in the planning stages of.


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