Gallery Wall

Our house has quite a few big blank walls, our house is shaped like a rectangle with windows only on the long walls. Meaning lots of big blank walls. There has been one wall in our house that has confounded me for the longest time & it is unfortunately the wall that I spend alot of time looking at!


It’s the wall behind the TV unit. Since moving our lounge room around 3-4 years ago I have been sitting on the couch just looking at this blank wall. I have had no idea what I wanted to do here. The only time of the year when this wall doesn’t bother me is Christmas time because the whole house is covered in tinsel & other seasonal decorations. There are a couple of main reasons I think why I have struggled doing something with this wall.

Main problems

1. This hook is used at Christmas (any so far only Christmas) to hang our Christmas card embroidery hoop wreath. But for the other 11months of the year it has nothing on it & just sits there (I had starting to do things with the wall by hanging the tile, but that was all I had accomplished).

2. Our clock, we have had it since we got married (it was a wedding gift). It doesn’t sit in the middle of the blank wall or even in the middle of the TV unit below, which is quite annoying visually when you are sitting on the couch facing the  wall. But I was the one who put it there because you can see it from the couch & from the kitchen. So it will stay there.

3. We are renters so no painting, wall paper or any changes that  can’t be reversed.

I love gallery walls. I have collected a few images of gallery walls on my Home Inspiration board on pinterest. I have had in the back of my mind that a gallery wall would look good on this wall, but just hadn’t had the drive (or better word being courage) to actually do something about it.

As I said in my last post in January I seem to get the drive to do things, so on a particularly hot day I just dove right in.

Step 1

The steps for creating a gallery wall are pretty simple & a quick Google search can give you all the tips that you could need. Firstly I gathered a whole bunch of things that I wanted to create & laid them on the floor. I used the foot stool as a guide for where the TV unit is. Once I was happy with how things looked I started to hang the frames & other things on the wall.

As I mentioned before we are renters so we can’t put holes in our walls so I like to use 3M’s command picture hanging strips.

Step 2

Once I all the hanging strips up I had to wait about an hour before I could permanently hang any frame.

Ran out of picture velcro

I ran out of hanging strips! I’ll get some more when we get paid next (in a couple of days), so in the meantime I left paper where all the extra frames & elements will go.

Almost done

So here is my finished (almost) gallery wall. I am more than happy with how it is looking, it fills the wall & makes the location of our clock not look so visually off. Yeah!

Since completing this part of the gallery wall project I have added an extra piece of art work.

Art update

Here is a closer look

Art close up

I got inspired by pinterest yet again.


I Left My Mark In State Art 8.5x11 (fits an 8x10 opening)


State Love Art State Love Art with Scrapbook Paper



I though this was such a cool idea & that I could easily make something similar myself. I found a silhouette image of Australia & used it as a clipping mask in Photoshop. Added some red chevron digital scrapbooking paper. It was a simple piece of art to create & I love it!

I will show pictures when I have gotten more picture hanging strips & have gotten everything up.


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