My last week of life…..

As a 28 year old. This time next week I will be 29. I don’t feel 29, but what exactly is 29 suppose to feel like? I was at a birthday party for a member of our youth group a few weeks ago, it was an 18th birthday party. Other than the birthday persons family I was the oldest invited guest. It was strange sitting at the end of the table listening to the conversation of all the 18 year olds, it was all how hard their jobs were (they all were working in supermarkets or fast food places) & what apps were cool on the iPhones. I turned to a few people who I was sitting with & said ‘I actual feel 10 years older than everyone here’. They looked at me & said ‘how old are you?’ I said ‘28 almost 29’. All the mouths dropped to the floor. No one seemed to believe that I was 28 or even that I was about to turn 29.

I guess that is a good thing that I don’t look 28……though I would like to look my age not older.

One of the bloggers I regularly read Martha Dansie wrote this fantastic post about being 30. Now I’m still a year away from the big 3-0 but I totally agreed with alot of the things she said that ‘Now I am 30…..’. Go check out here list!

I don’t know yet how I feel about turning 30 next year, lets see how I do next week with 29.


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