I’m 29

Yesterday was my birthday. So I am now 29 as I suspected in this post I don’t feel any different than I did on Friday when I was still 28. Other than alittle more tired, but that has to do with a completely different reason, work. Which is why I have been alittle light on the posting.

Since late last year I have been working for our church doing all the administration work for the Youth ministry, last week we planned & began youth group for 2012. So I have spent the last week organising an entire semester of activities & creating a flyer. I am so close  to being done just waiting on a few people to be getting  back to be  with forms that need filling out & other people are organising events that I need to add to the flyer.

Anyway, slight diversion, my birthday. Yesterday I did nothing. Which was nice I got to sit on the couch, eat popcorn & brownies while watching my favourite TV show. Then in the evening WH had organised dinner with some friends at a Thai place on the coast after dinner we popped next door & had gelato which was yummy. Sat in a park across from the restaurant & chatted before heading home.

Today I spent some birthday gift cards I was given, I love gift cards. Not just because you get to choose something you know you will like but because I like going shopping. I also picked up some felt for a gift for a friend of ours, his birthday was last month but I haven’t had any felt to make his birthday present with. I’m making him a cover for his new tablet computer. I’ll have to get on that tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow I am having lunch with my parents for my birthday (this birthday just keeps going!) & then sometime this week or next WH is taking me out for dessert & a movie.

I made myself a piece of jewellery to wear to my birthday dinner last night that I can’t wait to show you. Once I have finished taken the pictures I’ll post that.


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