My new necklace

I love working with my hands, I scrapbook, sew, make cards & make jewellery. Well I mend my jewellery when it breaks. At Christmas time my SIL (sister in-law) gave me a pendant with my initial in it, I loved it straight away. Especially since I knew that it had come from an Etsy seller. Problem was that the pendant came with a ribbon to hang around your neck, I knew straight away that the ribbon wouldn’t last.

This month I noticed that the ribbon was getting holes & wearing out. I didn’t want to change the ribbon for a chain, it wasn’t the look I was going for. I wanted something different. I don’t know where I got the idea from, but I wanted to make a bow & hang the  pendant from the bow.


A few hours before my birthday dinner on the weekend I decided to sit down & try to put my thoughts into reality. It came together so quickly & I am just so happy with the end result. It was such a easy thing to do, the hardest part was the bow. I am not a good bow tier, so I did a quick Google & found this video that was very helpful (I made the last of the two bows that the video shows).

The whole process took a few basic supplies that I had on hand


I pretty much use most of these supplies when I do any craft, except the jewellery making supplies. I used a couple of jump rings, a clasp & some chain (I had to buy that as I didn’t have any).

After I made the bow I attached two jump rings to the top & bottom. To the bottom jump ring I attached the pendant & the top jump ring was attached to one of the links in the chain. I did  this because I hate when a chain on a necklace moves and you end up with the clasp being seen from the front.


I am liking long necklaces at the moment so I spent abit of time in the mirror choosing the length of the chain. Here is the length I ended up choosing.


I have gotten a few comments about my new necklace & very shock expressions when I say that I made it. Maybe I will go through my other jewellery and see what I can update & change.

Who else redesigns jewellery to get a second life out of it?


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