I’m back! Miss me?

Finally! If you only knew! It has been a long 4 weeks (I think that’s about right anyway). 4 weeks ago we came back from a weekend trip to the city (to see another musical) & found that we had no internet. WH rang our ISP provider & that is when the whole long saga began. We were told that things would be fixed in a week, then it was another week & another week. We were without the internet for 3 weeks! And it has taken me another week to be able to get myself organised to be able to post again.

Alot can happen in 4 weeks, and alot has but certainly not as much as the last few days. On Wednesday I received notice that the job I had no longer needed me anymore, might in the future but not now. This wasn’t unexpected. Originally this job was only a temporary position for a couple of days/weeks to help sort files & it ended up being a year and a few months long. I have known for a couple of months that the amount of work was drying up, I went from working once a week to once a fortnight to once every three weeks. But it was still sad, I really enjoyed working where I was working. So I was back on the job hunt again, at the beginning of the week I had received an email from a job search site (that I subscribe to) with a job that I thought that I could do, so I sent in my application on Wednesday. Thursday morning I’m dusting the house when I receive a phone call from the place where I had sent my application the day before & they wanted me in for an  interview that afternoon.

After running around like a headless chicken for a couple of hours I went off to the interview, not feeling too prepared but determined to give things my best shot. Turns out I impressed in the interview (never had anyone tell me that before!) & was offered a trial of the job Saturday morning.

After my trial on Saturday the person I trailed with said that she was happy with my work & would be happy to have me work there.

So now I’m just waiting for the people who have to make the decision whether I get the job to make their decision, which should be Monday sometime with an immediate start next week.

My head has been in a bit of a spin since Thursday when I got the call about getting an interview. Things have never moved this fast for me, ever.

Other things that happened during my force absence from the internet is that our nephew contracted phenomena, which forced us to make a dash home from another weekend trip we took to see WH’s grandparents. WH was also on holidays at the time incase your wondering if we normally take some many weekend trips, we don’t. And we were also blessed with WH getting a raise. This was such a blessing from God especially when I lost my job a week later.

I have soooooo much to show you that I have been keeping myself busy with during my force break from the internet. I’m preparing a couple of post now & will have them up shortly.


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