New Zealand Album cont….

Album part 1

Album Part 2

One good thing that came out  of the force absence from the internet is that I had loads of time to finish pages in our New Zealand holiday album. These pages aren’t in there correct order, but I promise to show you the completed album (when it’s actually completed that is) but this is just how I have been creating theses pages. I have used the same materials that I did for the other pages.


This page I scraplifted from my cousin Talia, she used this  layout in one of her travel pages from a recent trip her and he husband took to Europe. I like this page alot, it came together really easily.


The tag slides out, I designed the tree & snowflake image on the front of the tag in photoshop.


A simple stamp gave me a place to write the date & the rest of the journaling filled the left over space.


This is quite a simple layout, but considering the pictures are of such a beautiful & breathtaking area I really wanted those pictures to take centre stage.


I also decided to hide my journal behind one of the pictures, I used a boarder stamp to outline the area for journaling.


Very  different to all the other pages that I have done, I had so many pictures that I wanted to show on this page. Also wanted to do a bit of a before & after affect, so this is the before.


And one after, with a spot for the date to go.


The second after with the journaling. Doing this page this way allowed me to get two extra larger pictures onto the layout (you can also notice I need to paint the back of the chipboard letters, forgot they would be seen from behind until I was taking these pictures).


This layout I sort of such stuck things on as I decided I liked them, no plan at all except for the photo locations which I took from a sketch that I had lying around. This is also the only double page layout in the whole album.

I am almost done, I have (I think) one more page to go.


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