Another couple of weeks has just flown by! And again I have been quite slack with the posting.

Last week I lost my job, I worked myself out of it actually. I was hired as a temporary thing to do refiling & office organisation. It was only suppose to be for a couple of weeks but it last a year & a bit. But I knew that the work was coming to an end, I went from working once a week to once a fortnight to once every 3 weeks then nothing. I was sad, but kinda relieved too. I never felt like I really knew what I was doing, didn’t feel useful.

So the same day, which was Wednesday, I decided that I needed to start the job hunt straight away. I always believed that if you are unemployed then your job is finding a job, so I went to a couple of job searching sites that I still had active memberships to to see what was out there. I came across a job in housekeeping (a supervisors position) at a resort that was close to my home. My first ever job was cleaning at a holiday camp, I had the job for 5 years and always new in the back of my mind that it was something I could fall back on. So I applied & didn’t think any more about it. Thursday morning I was dusting & got a phone call from the resort that I had applied to for the housekeeping position. They wanted me to come in for an interview that afternoon, so after running around like a headless chicken preparing I headed out for the interview feeling really unprepared.

The interview was relaxed & I didn’t feel nervous at all (first time ever!). At the end of the interview I was offered a trial for the position. Wow.

I did the trial on Saturday & it was hard work but I didn’t feel that it was more than I could handle and I seemed to get on well with the lady I was working with.

Tuesday morning I went out for a ride on my bike, when I cam home WH (wonderful husband) said that I had gotten a call from the resort & I needed to call them back. I did to find out that I had gotten a 2nd interview & could I come in at lunch time. Wow again. Though this isn’t the first time I had gotten a second interview so I didn’t get too excited.

But it turns out that it really was a scend interview, I was offered a job. Not the supervisors position (they had found someone with more experience than me in that role), but there was also an opening in housekeeping. I accepted and started on Friday.

I had my third day of work today and things are going really well. I like the people I am working with & the work is pretty good. The last couple of weeks have been a hurried blur. I didn’t have a chance to feel sad about losing a job before I got a new one, which is good. This new job in part-time (I was working casually before), which means more hours, holiday & sick pay.

As for what things means for this blog, I don’t know. I have no intention of stopping blogging, but I will have to see how the blog fits into my new schedule. I really enjoyed being at home more over the last couple of years, I have been able to clean, organise, decorate & learn to love my home. I’m really happy & excited to be starting this new chapter in my life.


2 thoughts on “Whirlwind

    • Thanks Talia! Except to getting soaked in the rain every day that I have worked since last Friday I have been enjoying myself. It certainly was all Gods work the way things worked out.

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