Easter Decorating

Wow! The last couple of weeks have been an adjustment, being back in part-time employment hasn’t been easy. Projects around the home have been taking alot longer than normal now that I have less time to devote to them. But I think that I have been enjoying them more, projects around the home are away of winding down after a day at work.

Next weekend is Easter. I am going away with my sister & a friend to a music festival, my sister just posted on Facebook that she has already finished packing. Can’t believe it a week out and she has finished pack whereas I haven’t even begun to think about what to pack!

Ok, back to the title subject. I like decorating the top shelf of our TV unit, it is the closest thing I have to a mantle. The last couple of days I have been putting my Easter ‘mantel’ together. It doesn’t feel done yet, but I am very happy with it so far.


I went with a couple of printables & stuff that I  already had. There is an empty space between the two frames, but I just don’t know what to put there. The bunny banner is a free printable I got from Sweetest Occasion. I used it last year & still like it so I used it again.

The egg cups & two egg cosies are new to the mantle this year. My sister-in-law made myself and WH egg cosies as Easter gifts last year. Mine was the apple on & WH got a Dalek (Doctor Who Monster, click here to find out more. Unless your a Dr Who geek & recognised the Dalek egg cosy without me having to say anything). I got the egg cup with the owls on it for my birthday this year & the other two we have just always had hanging around the house. The egg cups without cosies need  something, maybe some decorated eggs.


Found this printable via pinterest (surprise I know!) on One Dog Woof, love the colours. The little bunny tag came with our Easter gift from my sister-in-law, would love to find a small frame to put it in.

For the other frame I found inspiration via pinterest.

Easter party invitations Minted


I made my own version using Photoshop, an egg shape (that I used as a clipping mask) & some digital scrapbooking papers.

Easter art

I used blue, green & neutrals. I took colour inspiration from the bible quote printable I downloaded from One Dog Woof.



Another tag from my sister-in-law’s Easter gifts last year. The little hat thing sitting on top of the frame is a Jewish hat thing. I have no idea what it is called, I just know that it is a traditional thing that is worn by Jewish men. My sister-in-law went to Israel a couple of years ago & she brought it back for WH.


As a final touch of Easter decorating I added an artwork I made last year to one of the frames in the gallery wall.

Do you decorate for Easter? What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Anyone else going to a music festival?


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