Head above

The last few weeks I feel like I have been treading water & only just keeping my head above the water to stop me from drowning. Work has been intense. Much more intense that I thought I was getting myself into. 3 weeks of long hours & not enough sleep.

I feel like my life has been falling apart, nothing around the house is getting done. Can’t remember the last time I dusted anything, let along cleaned the bathroom. I like working, don’t get me wrong. I like bringing in another wage, it has given us alot of freedom to be able to replace & buy things that we have needed for the house. But I do miss being at home, I had learnt to appreciate the time that I was at home. In fact I actually like being a housewife, cleaning, organising.

We got a new person at work today, which I am hoping means that I am going to have reduced hours now. I will be working the hours that I was originally hired for, which will be a big change. A very welcome change. So I am hoping that I will be able to have more time at home. I have projects that I want to complete (and share!), washing that I want to fold, gardens that I want to weed & plants that I want to plant.

I don’t want to complain, I have been blessed with my new job. The work isn’t hard, the place is wonderful, I get lunch & the people are very nice. But adjusting to my new routine has proven to be harder then I thought it would. But do you want to hear the good news? I have the next two days off! Tomorrow I have all to myself, I have plans….lots of plans & the next day is ANZAC day which WH (wonderful husband) has off too which will be so lovely to spend together. ANZAC day by the way is an Australian holiday where we commemorate the landing at Gallipoli of Australian & New Zealand troops during WW1, it is also a time when we remember all of the troops who have fought & died for our country. I like pretty much all Australians have ancestors who fought in both world wars & other conflicts since, but my little brother is a current serving member of the RAAF (royal Australian air force) in an active squadron. I look forward to ANZAC day every year & I hope to be able to share why after Wednesday.


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