Unusual display objects

I love reading the articles on Apartment Therapy (who doesn’t!), I subscribe via my blog reader Bloglovin. Most of the articles I skip over, there are usually 30+ new articles every time I open my blog reader. But I have kept my subscription (even after I did a re-evaluation of what I was and wasn’t reading awhile back) because when I do come across are article I want to read I love it, or get some great ideas for my home.

This morning I came across an article about unusual display objects in the home. Click here to go & read the article yourself, it is really thought provoking. Read the comments too!

Quote from the article:

So much of what we see in the world of interiors fits into a mold, and frankly it can get a bit boring at times. While I’m not promoting displaying random stuff just because it looks cool, I think that embracing your inner quirkiness might not be such a bad idea.

Which made me think about the things that I display around my house. Over the last 12months or so I have been trying to inject my & WH’s (wonderful husband) personalities into our home. Particularly focusing on WH, because I am the one doing the majority of the decorating decisions that my personality comes through quite easily.

I thought that I would share some of the quirky things we have on display around our house.


A Dalek & a dolphin (something from my childhood) live in a corner of our kitchen.


Dashound (WH family have a soft spot for dashounds & every member of the family has a dashound either a statue or a soft toy or even a Christmas decoration)


Sail boat & some Irish coins in the music room/guest room (WH use to sail alot when he was a kid & he is 1/2 Irish, his Mum as born in Ireland)


My sister-in-law crochet this for me last Christmas, it looks just like our pet bird Curios.


T.A.R.D.I.S lamp, must admit I asked people to get this for WH’s birthday last year. I knew he would love it, but I love it too.


Do you have things displayed around your house that are quirky & express your personality that might not be usual?


The problem with black holes

I have a black hole problem.



The black hole in the bottom of my hand bag.


No matter what size hand bag I own I always end up digging through it looking for my phone or my keys or in my current bag my wallet.


I love this bag! But I can’t find anything in it. Want to see why?


I’m the type how likes to be prepared for almost everything. Can you tell?

Anyway, I did some searching around pinterest & googled to find a solution. I also like to change my bag around quite a bit so I wanted a way to move my stuff easily between handbags.

I ended but finding this tutorial from Cupcaking around as well as a couple of Youtube clips (type purse organizer into the search & heaps of videos come up). I adjusted the tutorial slightly, made the organiser slightly small & added a piece of cardboard inserted inside the organiser to give stability while inside my handbag.


I  also grab a zippered pouch that I made for our  trip to New Zealand last year. And started to organise my junk stuff.


I put all my eco bags inside the zippered & most of my stuff in the organiser I made. Once everything was in the organiser I rolled up the organiser.


Then I put the organiser inside my bag (aka black hole) & unrolled the organiser so that it sat up against the wall of my hand bag.

*sorry for the bad picture, it is hard to hold the bag open & take a decent picture*


The blank space in the middle is where I put my wallet, pencil case, sunglasses & the zippered pouch in that space.


We will have to see if things are more organised inside my handbag now & the only way to do that is to actually use it. I will keep you posted.

Inspired to organise

The hotel that we stayed in for our long weekend on the Gold Coast I found totally inspiring. Especially with how the place was decorated & how they made the most of a relatively small space. I was so inspired that I bought a couple of ideas home with me.

First idea came from the actual quite small bathroom (that didn’t feel as small as it actually was).


Ok, the image above makes the bathroom look alot bigger. Just for reference in real life the mirror is actually round not oval. There a quite a few things that I liked about the bathroom, my favourite was the vanity/sink area. I love the openness of the vanity & how they have used that openness, the yellow stool fits under the sink (having that stool was a great way to add some extra surface space) & they used the bar that runs around to hold the hand towel.

But the idea I like so much I decided to recreate it at home is that pink bag that you can see hanging under the sink. It holds the hairdryer.

Pink is not my thing but I do have quite a few enviro bags that in all honesty I don’t use after I first buys them when I’m at the check out.


I removed the handle & unpicked a small part of the seem that runs along the top of the bag.


I inserted the handle into the seem so it would act like a drawstring. Then using my computer I printed out some iron-on letters using transfer paper.


I ironed them onto the front of the bag following the instructions on the packet.


Then I put in my hairdryer


Grabbed an over the door hook & hung my new hairdryer bag from the back of the bathroom door.


Not the prettiest back of door shot but hey it is more functional now!

Got to love an easy project that solves a storage problem. Makes me happy.

Alittle Update

I mentioned in this post that I was going to go through my blog reader & pair down the number of blogs I read. Seriously some days I would get home from work and find that I have 200+ blogs posts to sort & read. That was find when I wasn’t working (certainly filled time when I had nothing else to do) but with working now I just wasn’t able to keep up.

Well I did it! I sat down & looked at everything that I was following & made the decision to keep following, completely unfollow or to keep following for another month then make a decision.

At the end of the process I really didn’t feel that I had unfollowed too many, I was use that I was only following those blogs I really enjoyed reading but still didn’t feel like I had put much of a dint in. Though I am happy to say I was wrong, over the last week I have noticed that when I open my blog reader the number of unread posts is much, much smaller than it use to be. It has gone down from 200+ to the highest being 50 (though most 30-35). Yeah!

And the best thing is that I don’t miss any of the blogs that I did stop following. Which goes to prove that I was really reading them anyway, just keeping them just incase there was something I wanted to read one day. Silly right?

Organising our bedroom

I finally got around to it! Yeah for me! We have a basically storage-less bedroom, except for one small built in cupboard. So all of our (well…mine) stuff just ends up all over the floor, for most of this year I have been purging & reorganising things so that we can have some sense of order in our bedroom. This past week I think I have finally come to the end with a couple of ‘been meaning to get to that’ projects.

Here is how our bedroom looks now (or the back wall of it anyway)


I have no idea what took me so long to get these things done, it took me all of an hour to sit done and create my new necklace display, scarf holder & figure out how to store my ear rings & evening bags.


Firstly here is my jewellery display. I have been thinking/planning, though to be honest it was probably procrastinating, about this project for months! I even have a pinterest board of different idea.

It was incredible simple to put together (once I actually got my bum in gear to actually do it). Just 3 coat hangers that I purged when I was cleaning out our built-in closet & a bag of cup hooks I pick up at the hardware store. Screwed in the cuphooks & done! I hung the hangers using a 3M hook, I like using 3M hooks because they remove cleanly. Which is important as we are renting.


Secondly an even more simple project, this is another hanger that I removed from our closet & it was in the pile that I was going to donate when WH saw this hanger on the donation pile he explained ‘your giving away the hanger I made in shop class at high school!’. I had no idea! Ofcourse I wasn’t going to give this away now. Then I had the thought that it would be prefect to hang all my scarfs. So I just hung the scarfs on the hanger & hung the hanger with a 3M hook. Done.


My ear rings, even since I got my ears pierced when I was 18/19 years old (wasn’t allowed to get my ears pierce till I could pay for it myself) all of my ear rings have been stored in a pottery container.


I love using this container & it has served me well. But! It doesn’t really work for my longer, dangling ear rings, they just get all tangled. So I wanted to find a way of storing my longer ear rings.


I found this frame during an op shop shopping trip for $4 & it’s frame is a lattice pattern that you can insert the ear ring hooks into. Such a cute solution I thought, I’m not sure what picture I’m going to put in the frame yet. Thinking of a photo of me & WH from one of our trips in the theatre when we were all dressed up & fancy looking. Something fun.

So there you go three great solutions for storing and organising some of my stuff in our bedroom. Best thing is that it only took me an hour to complete all this projects & my stuff is on display in a way that I can easily see it & access everything.

Been keeping busy

I know that I have been pretty silent on this blog lately. But it is not like I haven’t been busy. Not just with work, having some extra money coming in means that we have been able to do more things & get more things done around the house. I’ll share some of those ‘planned to do but had trouble getting them finished’ projects that I actually got done recently. But first I wanted to share a weekend away that me & WH took a week ago.

We got an invite to a wedding of a couple of work friends of WH’s (bride currently works for the same company as WH & the groom use to work for the company) on the Gold Coast. Because we have alittle extra money now that I’m working we decided to make a long weekend out of it.

Things started on Saturday with paintball, a Christmas present for WH from his bother & his wife.



Then we headed down to the Gold Coast & checked into our hotel the QT, we were greeted in our room with complimentary lemonade (real lemonade!)


We had dinner at the simply amazing Bazaar restraunt in the hotel


It is a hard experience to explain, we loved it! It was the best buffet that we had ever been to that wasn’t anything like a normal buffet.


On Sunday we did some shopping & just enjoyed spending time together.


Aren’t we cute!

The wedding was beautiful! It was just close family and a few friends. I loved the wedding favours we got!


How cute & simple is a beautiful  jar filled with sugared almonds. They we kinda addictive & I had all of ours (and the ones that others at our table had given us caused they didn’t like sugared almonds) eaten in a day or so.

On Monday we came home via Ikea (you can’t drive past without dropping in!) & bought a new lamp for our lounge room & we had lunch there too. Can’t believe that you can feed the two of us for lunch for $5, love it! It was a lovely weekend, just what we needed after me starting my job in March.

I’m still here! Though I almost wasn’t

Since begin my new job in late March I have been looking at my life as it stands, looking at everything I was doing before I was working part-time & re-evaluating whether I still wanted to be doing everything & if not what I was going to let go of. Must admit at this point I have been really busy with work & keeping up with my outside work commitments (the reason I need to sit down & re-evaluate) that I haven’t had much time for thinking and re-evaluation. Which defiantly makes me think that something(s) need to go, I haven’t got time for the things that I enjoy (scrapbooking, gardening, etc) or if I find time I don’t enjoy them as all I want to be doing is sitting on the couch watching TV (just that tired some days).


So in true me style here are my list of outside work commitments

– bible study leader

– youth leader

– youth administrator

– Uni-shop bus co-driver

– Faithgirlz mentor

– Sisters bible study member


These 6 things have kept me sane over the long years of unemployment & my period of extreme casual employment (work every 3 weeks if not less). I have learnt alot about myself & made some really good friends. What is not on this list is writing this blog. I decided not to add it as I have descided to not give this blog up, but to make some changes to the frequency & content that I blog. I was thinking that this was an area of my life that I could give up without an issue, that it was something I only orginally started to keep my mind active & keep me positive about life when I was newly unemployed & struggling mentally. But (today actually) I realised that I have always love writing about my day to day life & the things that I get up to around the house (projects, etc) & without this blog I would have no motivation to start or even finish any of the projects that I want to do around the house. So blogging stays.

As for the rest………

Youth stuff is defiantly staying, I have been a youth leader for 11 years and I love it. And the administration stuff is really only a couple of days work for no more than 20 mins each day (and I am really need it the role, there is no one else available).

Sisters bible study I have basically already given up, since beginning my job I haven’t not work one Friday so haven’t been able to attend anyway. Also wasn’t really enjoying as much as I use to when I was going. So that is one off the list & two defiantly staying.

Faithgirlz is a hard one……it is such a small group now (we had a large number of girls get to old to be coming along so ‘graduated’ to youth last year) so I’m not needed to keep the numbers of leaders to girls correct. Which does leave me free to make the decision based solely on how I feel about my involvement……………………………………………………Based on how often we meet (once a fortnight) and I haven’t had to miss one meeting due to work yet & the fact that I really love hanging, chating & making craft with the girls…………………………………………..this one stays too.

So that is 3 staying, the other two are slightly easier decisions. Uni-shop bus co-driver just isn’t working due to the time that it runs. 6:30pm-8:30pm. Meaning I have to leave the house at 6pm & I’m not home till 9pm, and depending on when I start work the next day I might have to go straight to bed. So I’m going to have to give that one up.

And finally bible study leader, this one is a fairly easy decision. But still one that I am finding hard to make that leap and actually make to decision that I know I want to make. If that makes sense. Ok! I am giving it up. I have had offers before rom people in bible study wanting to help me out, so next bible study I will let everyone know that I just can’t lead anymore.

So here is my list now

– bible study leader

– youth leader

– youth administrator

– Uni-shop bus co-driver

– Faithgirlz mentor

– Sisters bible study member


So half I have kept, half I am going to give up. This is most defiantly going to help me feel more ontop of my life & I will hopefully be able to get back into doing those this that I enjoy & want to do when I’m not at work. I’m also going to go through my blog reader & unfollow hopefully a whole lot of blogs. Just trying to keep up reading posts is wasting so much time after I get home from work.

So if everything works as I want it to I should be back blogging in some regular form soon!!!