I’m still here! Though I almost wasn’t

Since begin my new job in late March I have been looking at my life as it stands, looking at everything I was doing before I was working part-time & re-evaluating whether I still wanted to be doing everything & if not what I was going to let go of. Must admit at this point I have been really busy with work & keeping up with my outside work commitments (the reason I need to sit down & re-evaluate) that I haven’t had much time for thinking and re-evaluation. Which defiantly makes me think that something(s) need to go, I haven’t got time for the things that I enjoy (scrapbooking, gardening, etc) or if I find time I don’t enjoy them as all I want to be doing is sitting on the couch watching TV (just that tired some days).


So in true me style here are my list of outside work commitments

– bible study leader

– youth leader

– youth administrator

– Uni-shop bus co-driver

– Faithgirlz mentor

– Sisters bible study member


These 6 things have kept me sane over the long years of unemployment & my period of extreme casual employment (work every 3 weeks if not less). I have learnt alot about myself & made some really good friends. What is not on this list is writing this blog. I decided not to add it as I have descided to not give this blog up, but to make some changes to the frequency & content that I blog. I was thinking that this was an area of my life that I could give up without an issue, that it was something I only orginally started to keep my mind active & keep me positive about life when I was newly unemployed & struggling mentally. But (today actually) I realised that I have always love writing about my day to day life & the things that I get up to around the house (projects, etc) & without this blog I would have no motivation to start or even finish any of the projects that I want to do around the house. So blogging stays.

As for the rest………

Youth stuff is defiantly staying, I have been a youth leader for 11 years and I love it. And the administration stuff is really only a couple of days work for no more than 20 mins each day (and I am really need it the role, there is no one else available).

Sisters bible study I have basically already given up, since beginning my job I haven’t not work one Friday so haven’t been able to attend anyway. Also wasn’t really enjoying as much as I use to when I was going. So that is one off the list & two defiantly staying.

Faithgirlz is a hard one……it is such a small group now (we had a large number of girls get to old to be coming along so ‘graduated’ to youth last year) so I’m not needed to keep the numbers of leaders to girls correct. Which does leave me free to make the decision based solely on how I feel about my involvement……………………………………………………Based on how often we meet (once a fortnight) and I haven’t had to miss one meeting due to work yet & the fact that I really love hanging, chating & making craft with the girls…………………………………………..this one stays too.

So that is 3 staying, the other two are slightly easier decisions. Uni-shop bus co-driver just isn’t working due to the time that it runs. 6:30pm-8:30pm. Meaning I have to leave the house at 6pm & I’m not home till 9pm, and depending on when I start work the next day I might have to go straight to bed. So I’m going to have to give that one up.

And finally bible study leader, this one is a fairly easy decision. But still one that I am finding hard to make that leap and actually make to decision that I know I want to make. If that makes sense. Ok! I am giving it up. I have had offers before rom people in bible study wanting to help me out, so next bible study I will let everyone know that I just can’t lead anymore.

So here is my list now

– bible study leader

– youth leader

– youth administrator

– Uni-shop bus co-driver

– Faithgirlz mentor

– Sisters bible study member


So half I have kept, half I am going to give up. This is most defiantly going to help me feel more ontop of my life & I will hopefully be able to get back into doing those this that I enjoy & want to do when I’m not at work. I’m also going to go through my blog reader & unfollow hopefully a whole lot of blogs. Just trying to keep up reading posts is wasting so much time after I get home from work.

So if everything works as I want it to I should be back blogging in some regular form soon!!!


2 thoughts on “I’m still here! Though I almost wasn’t

    • It is working great actually! Feel alot less stressed & like everyone is pulling me in different directions. Best decision I could have made.

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