Been keeping busy

I know that I have been pretty silent on this blog lately. But it is not like I haven’t been busy. Not just with work, having some extra money coming in means that we have been able to do more things & get more things done around the house. I’ll share some of those ‘planned to do but had trouble getting them finished’ projects that I actually got done recently. But first I wanted to share a weekend away that me & WH took a week ago.

We got an invite to a wedding of a couple of work friends of WH’s (bride currently works for the same company as WH & the groom use to work for the company) on the Gold Coast. Because we have alittle extra money now that I’m working we decided to make a long weekend out of it.

Things started on Saturday with paintball, a Christmas present for WH from his bother & his wife.



Then we headed down to the Gold Coast & checked into our hotel the QT, we were greeted in our room with complimentary lemonade (real lemonade!)


We had dinner at the simply amazing Bazaar restraunt in the hotel


It is a hard experience to explain, we loved it! It was the best buffet that we had ever been to that wasn’t anything like a normal buffet.


On Sunday we did some shopping & just enjoyed spending time together.


Aren’t we cute!

The wedding was beautiful! It was just close family and a few friends. I loved the wedding favours we got!


How cute & simple is a beautiful  jar filled with sugared almonds. They we kinda addictive & I had all of ours (and the ones that others at our table had given us caused they didn’t like sugared almonds) eaten in a day or so.

On Monday we came home via Ikea (you can’t drive past without dropping in!) & bought a new lamp for our lounge room & we had lunch there too. Can’t believe that you can feed the two of us for lunch for $5, love it! It was a lovely weekend, just what we needed after me starting my job in March.


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