Organising our bedroom

I finally got around to it! Yeah for me! We have a basically storage-less bedroom, except for one small built in cupboard. So all of our (well…mine) stuff just ends up all over the floor, for most of this year I have been purging & reorganising things so that we can have some sense of order in our bedroom. This past week I think I have finally come to the end with a couple of ‘been meaning to get to that’ projects.

Here is how our bedroom looks now (or the back wall of it anyway)


I have no idea what took me so long to get these things done, it took me all of an hour to sit done and create my new necklace display, scarf holder & figure out how to store my ear rings & evening bags.


Firstly here is my jewellery display. I have been thinking/planning, though to be honest it was probably procrastinating, about this project for months! I even have a pinterest board of different idea.

It was incredible simple to put together (once I actually got my bum in gear to actually do it). Just 3 coat hangers that I purged when I was cleaning out our built-in closet & a bag of cup hooks I pick up at the hardware store. Screwed in the cuphooks & done! I hung the hangers using a 3M hook, I like using 3M hooks because they remove cleanly. Which is important as we are renting.


Secondly an even more simple project, this is another hanger that I removed from our closet & it was in the pile that I was going to donate when WH saw this hanger on the donation pile he explained ‘your giving away the hanger I made in shop class at high school!’. I had no idea! Ofcourse I wasn’t going to give this away now. Then I had the thought that it would be prefect to hang all my scarfs. So I just hung the scarfs on the hanger & hung the hanger with a 3M hook. Done.


My ear rings, even since I got my ears pierced when I was 18/19 years old (wasn’t allowed to get my ears pierce till I could pay for it myself) all of my ear rings have been stored in a pottery container.


I love using this container & it has served me well. But! It doesn’t really work for my longer, dangling ear rings, they just get all tangled. So I wanted to find a way of storing my longer ear rings.


I found this frame during an op shop shopping trip for $4 & it’s frame is a lattice pattern that you can insert the ear ring hooks into. Such a cute solution I thought, I’m not sure what picture I’m going to put in the frame yet. Thinking of a photo of me & WH from one of our trips in the theatre when we were all dressed up & fancy looking. Something fun.

So there you go three great solutions for storing and organising some of my stuff in our bedroom. Best thing is that it only took me an hour to complete all this projects & my stuff is on display in a way that I can easily see it & access everything.


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