Alittle Update

I mentioned in this post that I was going to go through my blog reader & pair down the number of blogs I read. Seriously some days I would get home from work and find that I have 200+ blogs posts to sort & read. That was find when I wasn’t working (certainly filled time when I had nothing else to do) but with working now I just wasn’t able to keep up.

Well I did it! I sat down & looked at everything that I was following & made the decision to keep following, completely unfollow or to keep following for another month then make a decision.

At the end of the process I really didn’t feel that I had unfollowed too many, I was use that I was only following those blogs I really enjoyed reading but still didn’t feel like I had put much of a dint in. Though I am happy to say I was wrong, over the last week I have noticed that when I open my blog reader the number of unread posts is much, much smaller than it use to be. It has gone down from 200+ to the highest being 50 (though most 30-35). Yeah!

And the best thing is that I don’t miss any of the blogs that I did stop following. Which goes to prove that I was really reading them anyway, just keeping them just incase there was something I wanted to read one day. Silly right?

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