Inspired to organise

The hotel that we stayed in for our long weekend on the Gold Coast I found totally inspiring. Especially with how the place was decorated & how they made the most of a relatively small space. I was so inspired that I bought a couple of ideas home with me.

First idea came from the actual quite small bathroom (that didn’t feel as small as it actually was).


Ok, the image above makes the bathroom look alot bigger. Just for reference in real life the mirror is actually round not oval. There a quite a few things that I liked about the bathroom, my favourite was the vanity/sink area. I love the openness of the vanity & how they have used that openness, the yellow stool fits under the sink (having that stool was a great way to add some extra surface space) & they used the bar that runs around to hold the hand towel.

But the idea I like so much I decided to recreate it at home is that pink bag that you can see hanging under the sink. It holds the hairdryer.

Pink is not my thing but I do have quite a few enviro bags that in all honesty I don’t use after I first buys them when I’m at the check out.


I removed the handle & unpicked a small part of the seem that runs along the top of the bag.


I inserted the handle into the seem so it would act like a drawstring. Then using my computer I printed out some iron-on letters using transfer paper.


I ironed them onto the front of the bag following the instructions on the packet.


Then I put in my hairdryer


Grabbed an over the door hook & hung my new hairdryer bag from the back of the bathroom door.


Not the prettiest back of door shot but hey it is more functional now!

Got to love an easy project that solves a storage problem. Makes me happy.

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