The problem with black holes

I have a black hole problem.



The black hole in the bottom of my hand bag.


No matter what size hand bag I own I always end up digging through it looking for my phone or my keys or in my current bag my wallet.


I love this bag! But I can’t find anything in it. Want to see why?


I’m the type how likes to be prepared for almost everything. Can you tell?

Anyway, I did some searching around pinterest & googled to find a solution. I also like to change my bag around quite a bit so I wanted a way to move my stuff easily between handbags.

I ended but finding this tutorial from Cupcaking around as well as a couple of Youtube clips (type purse organizer into the search & heaps of videos come up). I adjusted the tutorial slightly, made the organiser slightly small & added a piece of cardboard inserted inside the organiser to give stability while inside my handbag.


I  also grab a zippered pouch that I made for our  trip to New Zealand last year. And started to organise my junk stuff.


I put all my eco bags inside the zippered & most of my stuff in the organiser I made. Once everything was in the organiser I rolled up the organiser.


Then I put the organiser inside my bag (aka black hole) & unrolled the organiser so that it sat up against the wall of my hand bag.

*sorry for the bad picture, it is hard to hold the bag open & take a decent picture*


The blank space in the middle is where I put my wallet, pencil case, sunglasses & the zippered pouch in that space.


We will have to see if things are more organised inside my handbag now & the only way to do that is to actually use it. I will keep you posted.


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