Day 4-6 of the Cure

See day 1-3 here

Day 4: Get a fresh perspective in just 10mins

Find a place in the house that I don’t often sit in & take 10mins looking at a place that I find most problematic.

I choose to sit on a set stool that had been moved to a different spot so our robotic vacuum could do its thing & look specifically at the top of our white bookcase that sits in our back entry. Also have a good look over both bookcases that sit in that area, some things about them work and some I have never been able to get to work as I would like them to.

What I decided is that I wanted too much from the space as a whole & that what is stored & displayed in the area needs to be pared down & simplified.

I am a list person so I jotted down a few things that I wanted to move & where I thought they could go instead.

This I think is going to be a good tool to use in the future, with any project that I do around the house. I do have a tendency to dive in head first without thinking about what I’m doing & things can get frustrating quite quickly as a result.

Day 5 : Select On Project for Your List to Complete this Month

I picked for my project the two shelf units that are in our back entry, I had read ahead abit so that is also why I choose to do day 4 assignments in the same area.

Here are some before photos



I have been pinning ideas for the last couple of days & adding them to my bookshelf pinterest board. Starting to feel the itch to get started.

Day 6: Choose a piece of Artwork & Get Going on Framing it

I just so happened to have a couple of pieces of art hanging around our house that haven’t been hung up on the wall yet. So this was an easy assignment.

One piece is a print of the Orient Express, it is the setting for one of my all time favourite Agatha Christie books Murder on the Orient Express. It has been sitting around for almost a year. And the other is a print that WH (wonderful husband) got for his birthday, a T.A.R.D.I.S printed on a page for a random old book.


I have put them aside waiting for hanging day!


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