Changing things up

Organising this house & all our stuff is always in a constant state of flux, I try something out for awhile and if it doesn’t work as I want it to I change it.

We did a big clean of our house over the weekend, alot of dusting deep cleaning, etc. I decided that I would also look at all of the organisation systems I put in place a couple of years ago & reassess. One area that just wasn’t working was our suitcase side table in our bedroom, it wasn’t being used to its fullest.


It doesn’t look too terrible, but it was too cumbersome to move the tray to get access to the inside of the suitcase. Which consequently has been seating empty for 6 months plus.

I did a quick raid of my home (cheapest shopping trip!) & found this dish amongst our huge pile of serving/party ware (which I also need to go through & organise).


We have never used this dish for anything & it seemed perfect for holding my bracelets.

After sorting through what I wanted to keep & what could go somewhere else (whether in the house or to charity), I was left with a tray that looked much more organised & most importantly more stable. I can now easily move the whole tray & access the suitcase underneath.


As for what I am putting in the suitcase, I am thinking of putting my make-up. Which is currently living in our bathroom (I know your not suppose to store make-up there, which is why I’m planning on moving it), not sure when I’ll get to that as I’m not sure how to set things up in the suitcase yet. Pinterest here I come!


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